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Sell First or Buy First, which is best for Gravesend and Northfleet home movers?

Sell First or Buy First, which is best for Gravesend and Northfleet home movers?

News Richard Reeves 22nd January 2022

Over the years there has never been a right or a wrong way as to whether to find your next home before a sale has been agreed on your current one. This current market is suggesting there is in fact a better way.


The Chicken and Egg scenario faces many sellers who face the dilemma of do I find a buyer but potentially struggle to find or do I find a home with the prospect of not selling in time to secure your dream home?


My recommendation holds an element of both but with the focus on finding a strong buyer for your home who is also prepared to wait for you to find.


Each property move begins with a search on the portals to see what is currently available in a price range you consider affordable. In this current market it is noticeable that there is a real shortage of available homes but don’t despair!!


We suggest the next step being a valuation for your home and after this for a mortgage discussion to take place to complete an affordability check, if relevant to your move. 


At this point, if you take the leap of faith onto the market before you find you are able to go at your own pace. Choose the buyer you feel is best and at an offer level acceptable to you. In many occasions offers over asking price are being achieved which means you could be in a stronger financial position rather than feeling as though you have to go with the first offer you receive to not lose out on your dream home.


Once a buyer is found, the search should move from the arm chair and the portals to physical viewings. You’ll be amazed at how viewing a property makes you see things you wouldn’t have ever considered when swiping through the pages online.


The best part is that you are also viewing as a proceedable buyer, this means if you fall in love with a home there will be nothing holding you back from making that all important offer! Otherwise it is like shopping with no money.


This way benefits from being a less stressful way to move rather than finding a home and constantly carrying the worry of not selling in time or the feeling that someone else may swoop in to secure it before you have secured your own buyer.


We of course are always on hand to help with each step of the above and provide any further advice too.


Richard Reeves – Sales Manager


01474 321 957


Richard Reeves

Sales Manager 01474 321957

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