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Tenants: Its a tough market out there! Be prepare when you meet your prospective Landlord.

Tenants: Its a tough market out there! Be prepare when you meet your prospective Landlord.

News Sarah Driscoll 8th February 2018

The rental market is a competitive one. There are often two or three suitable prospective tenants after the same property. In this market Landlords may wish to meet with you to ensure they are selecting the right tenant. 


So what will make you stand out from the crowd?


What should you be doing to ensure you make the best impression?


Firstly, I would suggest putting yourself in the Landlords shoes - what would you want to know about your tenants? What would you be worried about? If you can understand and appreciate this then you will already be ahead of other tenants in terms of mind set. Ultimately the Landlord is thinking ...Will this tenant pay their rent and will they look after my house? So, how can you reassure them that this will be the case?


1) First impressions count


 - Turn up to the appointment early (or at least bang on time). Making a Landlord wait is not a good start!


 - Dress appropriately ready for 'business'. Obviously, you won’t be turning up in a dinner jacket but smart clothing, showing that you care about your appearance will make them think about how you will look after the property, i.e. smart dress = clean and tidy house, dirty clothes and boots = dirty messy house! 


 - Take off your shoes! This will give the Landlord confidence that you will look after their house and take care of the finishes. 


2) Paperwork - be prepared!


Bring a long anything you think might reassure the Landlord;


 - Have photographs of your current house showing how clean and tidy it is


 - You may have a hand written note from your existing landlord or an email singing your praises


 - If you have a pet show the LL a photograph of that pet and where it sleeps etc - perhaps a photo of the garden still well kept and looked after. 


 - Bring your existing tenancy agreement illustrating when your rent is due along with bank statements showing that you pay your rent on time every month. 


3) Ask the right Questions


You’re looking to promote conversation and build a rapport with the Landlord i.e you want them to like you! Have some questions prepared to illustrate how conscientious you are, compliment the Landlord on the decor and the property. Example questions could be;


- Do you manage the property? Do we call you if there are any problems?


- Are we paying the rent direct to you or the agent? We'd want our standing order set up straight away.


- Do you know the details of a cleaner/ gardener as we'd want to get one? (if you do want to!)


Remember Landlords don't want to think you will be calling them every day with problems but at the same time want to know you will call if there is a real problem they should know about. 


4) Children


 - Can your children be a little excitable in new situations or empty houses? If so I would consider leaving them with a friend or family member - a tantrum never sets the right tone. 


5) Be honest!


If you have a dog tell the Agent or Landlord immediately. Any relationship that is formed will be dashed immediately if you are not honest. Your relationship with your Landlord & Agent is based on Trust. 


I hope the above helps you, however if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our office.


The whole lettings team are here to help with any queries you may have.